Saturday, January 30, 2010

Holiday Basket: Valentine Edition

I love holiday decorating. I always have. I am sure I always will. We had an awesome fireplace mantle in our living room in the Rodda house back in Spokane. Mom and I would decorate it for every holiday we could think of. One of my favorite pieces was "the basket"....which was redecorated or filled for each holiday.

Well, I don't have a mantle...or a fireplace because, well, I live in Florida now :)

But I do have a basket!!! I decided last fall to create a basket for each holiday. The way this works is that I have one basket and fill it for each holiday, then after the given holiday is over I take everything out and put it in a ziplock bag. Then the next holiday goes in and over and over it goes. Next year, all I have to do for each holiday is take the goodies from their baggies, place, and fluff, and done!

I am now up to Valentine's Day in the year of the basket.

This was a bit more tricky, because there really isn't a type of greenery associated with Valentine's Day and what is a basket without greenery? Nope, wouldn't work. Enter the generic vine! I will probably use the leafyness in this basket for the next few holidays as well.

I may even try to come up with a non-holiday basket for the in-between times of the year...I would need a coffee theme...and there are not exactly coffee flowers at Michaels....hmmm.

Next up...St. Patrick's Day! I am already collecting for that one!!!

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