Thursday, September 16, 2010

Serving tray - updated for the season

I have been eyeballing a cute little dish at Marshalls for at least a few months. I think every Marshalls in Orlando had a least one. It was cute. Really cute. But it wasn't the right color....

Don't get me wrong, I love is an accent in a few rooms here, but this just wasn't the right red. To me it just screamed "Valentine!"

The other day, Mom and I were shopping together and she said "why don't you get this and change the ribbon?" I really should have thought of that earlier.

Today I made a quick trip to find some ribbon (which I got for $1). And came home did a bunch of other things like work and baking...then I got out the ribbon and the dish.

In less than 10 minutes (which included taking pictures and washing the dish), I had this pretty dish sitting on my counter...

I am so excited to take my new dessert in this cute fall dish to our church dinner (if it turns out, I will show you pictures).

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I broke my blog :(

Sorry everyone :(

I broke my blog! (and my phone, and my computer...but those are not relevent to you right now)

It looks funny. I am sorry. I will fix it as soon as I can.



Cupcakes for everyone!

Have you ever had this conversation with yourself?

"Hmm, there is a cake mix in the pantry."

"Yes, but you don't need cake right now."

"I KNOW, but that doesn't stop me from WANTING cake right now."

"Well, yes, but are you going to eat the ENTIRE cake?"

"Umm, I could make cupcakes, you know, for portion control!"

"You will STILL have the same amount of cake even if it is cupcakes."

"But I WANT cupcakes and obviously if I can have this long of a conversation with myself about the cupcakes I am crazy and NEED the cupcakes!!"

I really have had that exact conversation (and be glad you missed the one about ice cream from Tuesday night!).

Here is the PERFECT solution! Did you know you can freeze cupcake batter???? I had no idea until I read it on the Homebased Mom. So I am giving you all the link directly for how to freeze cupcake batter HERE.

Because how awesome would it be to be able to tell myself I will eat one cupcake (give one to Mark because I do know how to share) and then freeze the rest for some other day???? I WIN and me in the future wins too by getting fresh from the oven cupcakes on some other night as well.

I think I am going to go make some cupcakes now...and my first freezing attempt will be to freeze the batter in the little cups so that I can easily make them up for a quick treat on another day.