Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Saying Goodbye

I know what you are thinking..."what? wait, we just got here, why are you saying goodbye?!?" I am talking about how to say goodbye to your husband. This idea, I will gladly admit, comes from my mom.

When I think back on growing up, I can't remember a time that my mom left the house (if my dad was home) without finding him and telling him where she was going and giving him a kiss (awwww).

Smallish tangent: I must insert here that I was SHOCKED when I found out this was not done by everyone. Along with being all cute and loving, it also strikes me as being respectful of those in your household. Just something to think about. End tangent.

So, now that I am married I put this into practice...the last thing I do before leaving the house is to kiss Husband. It lets him know that I am thinking of him even as I am out and about.

Next the mornings when Husband leaves I go out to the garage with him. Sometimes I just stand on the step at the door, sometimes I actually go outside (this generally depends on a combination of what I am wearing, the weather, and if the neighbors are out). I watch him get his stuff in the car, I smile all cute (because isn't that what he should remember me looking like while he is gone? who wants to think about a grouchy wife nagging about one last thing as he walks out the door?), he comes over and kisses me, and then I stand there and wave. Just STAND and WAVE...not working on any project, not playing with the dog, not distracted by what I am going to do next, just waving to Husband. So that the last thing he sees as the garage door shuts is his wife focused on sending him out into the world.

Everyone is happier when they know someone cares about them. Why not take a few minutes to have a routine that sends your husband out into the world knowing there is a wife at home cheering him on!

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