Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Quick Cleaning Tip - Cleaning Supplies

I am not sure if this is quick because I have little time today or quick because it makes cleaning faster...anyway...on to the topic at hand...

I like to clean house, but I dislike wandering back and forth and all around looking for cleaning supplies.

My solution: keep everything where it is needed.

For example, we have two this means I have two of everything necessary to clean a bathroom. Now, when the bathroom needs cleaning I don't have to go get the cleaning supplies, walk them to the bathroom, clean, and walk them back to their home.

As for cleaning supplies that are not as room specific, those all live in the laundry room in one special place. Again, this shortens the prep time for cleaning since I know exactly where the squeegee (I don't know if that is spelled right, but I too tired to care) is at all times.

For things that Husband also uses, he gets his own set of cleaning supplies for the garage so he also does not have to go wandering about looking for things.

It's the little time savers that really add up!

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