Monday, October 5, 2009

Organization - Drawer Style

I have a secret obsession to share with you all...which, I realize will make it less of a secret...I really like to organize EVERYTHING. I have organized my closet, my desk, all the spaces you could thing of and probably some you wouldn't think of (example: I have an organized grocery list on my computer...I will tell you about that later). Anyway, I recently changed out a yucky old plastic set of drawers for a pretty wooden chest of drawers as the holder of all things office supply related.

Much to my dismay, my old drawer organizer did NOT fit the new drawer. Horror! So I set out to find something new and find something I did. It can be found here, the 10 piece drawer organizer (mine is black and I got it at Staples). This comes with 10 little boxes that fit together ANY WAY I WANT (or you, at your house). I love it! I used 7 of the 10 pieces in that drawer and all the pens and staples and binder clips are in their happy little homes. I am sure I will use the others somewhere else in the house. I liked the ability to choose the layout so that the most useful things were at the front.

If you have a drawer that doesn't fit the "normal" organizers...I suggest you give this system a try. What will you organize next?


Todd said...

Since you are into organizing, I have to recommend this book: Getting Things Done. It's not really about organizing "stuff", it's about organizing your life, priorities, to-do's, etc. It's a great system - I can't recommend the book highly enough. Well worth your $11. - Todd W.

April said...

Thanks Todd. I will check that out today. I like to organize life as well as the things around me. Thanks for visiting