Tuesday, October 20, 2009

An Encouraging Poem

I came across this poem in The Wedded Unmother by Kaye Halverson, I don't know where it was from orginally. It is a great verse about being a woman who loves and is loved.

Accept your womanhood, my daughter, and rejoice in it.

It is your glory that you are a woman, for that is why
he loves you, he whom you love.

Be gentle, be wise, as a woman is gentle and wise.

Be ardent and love with a woman's ardor.

Through your love, teach him what it means to be a man, a noble man, a strong man.

Believe in him, for only through your belief can he believe in himself.

In your secret heart, man and woman, we long above all else to know that the other, the one we love, knows what we are and believes in what we can be.

Is this not romance?

Yes, and the highest romance, investing the smallest detail of life with the color of joy.

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Carol said...

That is absolutely beautiful, April!