Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Flip Flops with a "Splash" of Color

Nothing says "summer" quite like water balloons and flip flops! BUT, have you ever tried to combine the two to make a pair of shoes??? I did this weekend and they turned out super cute!!

The supply list is nice and short. All of my supplies cost $4.50 and I over bought on the balloons!

You need:
Flip Flops
Water Balloons (about 80 for a little "poof")

That's it! And some time.

The How To:

Tie each balloon on to the flip flop with a double knot. A single knot will just pull out.

Here is a "do as I say, not as I did moment": Start tying on the balloons from the top near the toe separator. It is much easier to work back from there.

Be sure to slide them as close together as possible as you go to give the finished product a really "full" look.

Go as far back down the flip flop as you want. I did the first one all the way around and with the colors I had picked it looked like I had stepped in a clown! It also made it harder to put the flip flops on my feet.

The second flip flop I only did a few inches and it looked much better so I cut some balloons off the first one to match the more more toned down second flip flop.

How cute is that for a little slash of summer on your feet?! I now want to make even more of these in different color combinations. The possibilities are endless!

I got so many compliments on my flip flops over the weekend, I am making another pair to match different outfits!!

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Carol said...

Those are so adorable, and you DID get a lot of compliments when we were with you...great job!!