Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Lady's Housekeeping Tips

The book club I participate in, Ladies in Waiting, has been reading Little Women this month and I was asked to write a post about housekeeping tips. I had a few of my own and a few from my mom and aunt. Thinking that this are handy tips for everyone to know, I am sharing them here as well.

Here are a few housecleaning tips that have been passed down in my family:

  • For baked on dishes that you don't feel like SCRUBBING... pour a little bit of fabric softener such as Downy in the dish or pan and let it set for about an hour. It will come RIGHT out.

  • If you have rust stain on carpet...sometimes from the feet of furniture... a little bit of white vinegar will remove that rust instantly.

  • If your stainless sink is looking rusty, use a little baking soda and a scrubber to get it pretty and shiny again.

  • If you run out of laundry soap and have a load of white laundry to do... use dishwasher soap, it has a little bleach in it and will work wonders.

  • A blood stain on something white will come out quick with a little peroxide.

  • My favorite cleaning solution for windows and mirrors can be made at home:

  • 1 teaspoon Dawn dish soap
    2 cups Alcohol
    1/2 cup ammonia
    To the above add water to make 1 gallon. Good for windows and hard surfaces.
  • After you make up the solution, put it in spray bottles and keep one in each bathroom. Makes cleaning a cinch and your bathroom can be wiped down in about 2 minutes a day!

The best tip my mom taught me growing up was almost any household chore can be done in 5 minutes. If it is a quiet task like dusting or wiping down a bathroom or folding laundry, I will do it while on the phone. A 5 minute phone call and a room is dusted! Makes housework super simple!

What is your best housecleaning tip?

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