Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Word, New Year, New Me

I first posted this entry at an online support community (for lots of things, but I am a member of the infertility section). After reading it over, I thought some who read this blog might also benefit...

I was so ready for 2010 to be over!! It was pretty easy to know it was the worst year I have had and I wanted it to go away!

So here is 2011 and I want to make it better!!! I often pick a word to focus on for the year. This year that word will be "joy". Finding joy, bringing joy, living joy! Not necessarily over the top happiness, but heart-level joy. Where my soul is at peace and I can see the wonder of the world around me. I often fill my home and office with my word so that I have a visual representation to remind me (and I need to go shopping now to find some word art!).

This morning Mark and I joined a gym. We have never been big work out people, but both of us were more active before we got married. I think this will be a great chance to do something positive together. We also went on a 6 mile bike-ride New Year's Day...the first time our bikes have been out in a long time.

With still doing acupuncture, trying to focus more on finding quiet time to read my Bible and pray, a new word, and a gym membership... I am ready to take on the year.

I hope it is a year filled with our greatest blessing, but even if it is not, I want to know I did count my blessings!

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Carol said...

Very inspiring!! Made my heart joy-ful just reading it!! Hmmm...maybe I'll be on the hunt for you some fun word reminders too:)