Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Journey to Motherhood: I'm NOT cold!!

I am happy to report that right now I am NOT cold, nor have I been all morning. This may seem unimportant to some of you, but it is very noteworthy to me. See, I am always cold, always, always, always. Temperature actually played a role in my decision to move to Florida, I wanted to be warm.

But I was still cold. I often wear Mark's wool Florida. We keep our house at 76-78 degrees during the day...and I wear a jacket. I am always cold.

Except for today. Today I went jogging and it felt nice out. I was asked about the outside temp and said "pleasant". Others said it was cold. Hmmm. I dressed in crop pants and a sleeveless blouse and headed to Walmart. Everyone else was in jeans and coats. Hmmm. I went to Publix (where I am always the very coldest) and felt fine. Hmmm. Called my mom, sure she would back me up on it being a nice fall day. Nope, she said it was chilly when they went running. That's weird. Now I am working at my desk, with NO jacket.


One of my complaints to the acupuncturist was that I am always cold. She said that fits my diagnosis and that my blood was probably not flowing well. Five days on herbs and the biggest difference I have noticed....


baby steps to success!!

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eva said...

Congratulations April. Small/medium/huge all count. Am so happy for you.