Thursday, September 16, 2010

Serving tray - updated for the season

I have been eyeballing a cute little dish at Marshalls for at least a few months. I think every Marshalls in Orlando had a least one. It was cute. Really cute. But it wasn't the right color....

Don't get me wrong, I love is an accent in a few rooms here, but this just wasn't the right red. To me it just screamed "Valentine!"

The other day, Mom and I were shopping together and she said "why don't you get this and change the ribbon?" I really should have thought of that earlier.

Today I made a quick trip to find some ribbon (which I got for $1). And came home did a bunch of other things like work and baking...then I got out the ribbon and the dish.

In less than 10 minutes (which included taking pictures and washing the dish), I had this pretty dish sitting on my counter...

I am so excited to take my new dessert in this cute fall dish to our church dinner (if it turns out, I will show you pictures).


Carol said...

Cute!! You did a great job!!!

Cathy said...

You brought dessert in this I think!! Totally cute : )